Well, no joy from my first audition at the theatre, but good advice on my body language and material selection. On another note, my voice over workshop is going quite well!

Spent my first hours in an actual recording studio yesterday in Marie Prater’s voice over workshop in Boutwell Recording Studios.  Looking forward to improving my commercial reading and overall voice acting skills!

Just finished two days of auditions for Birmingham Children’s Theatre!  Will know tomorrow if my raw, uncultured acting skills will be used (and vastly improved) here.  Every voice actor I’ve spoken with and heard asked the question, “what do I need to do to get into voice acting”, has said to start with acting.  Once you get a feel of how to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas with your whole body then you can work on bringing all of that through with your voice alone.

Back from Dragon Con 2014 and it was great!  Makes me want all this real world stuff to go away and just be Dragon Con forever…but with more elevators…anyhow, if you saw this particular Sherlock while you were there, it was very nice to meet you :D


How you doin, Sherlock?  How have you not died of heat stroke? #dragoncon #cosplay #Sherlock

Plenty of fluids and remembering the location of as many air vents as possible 😜

Upcoming event! Dragoncon

Dragoncon 2014 is just around the corner (barely able to contain my enthusiasm!) On top of networking I am also going to be cosplaying. Two this year: the New design from one if my friends that’s a gender swap of princess mononoke (so Prince mononoke) and the refreshed Sherlock (which was really fun last year). On a side note I couldn’t find my heat gun (of course I did immediately afterward) to work with my EVA foam so I tried using my oven to make it malleable and it turned into little, shrunken crisps :O

Shifting in my seat a bit

I finally have gone and gotten a soundcloud account where I can upload demos, reads, and just have some fun I suppose!  Seems to be a good option at this point, specially because of the price

Two big events coming up that I’ve been waiting for pretty much all summer:  Both are voice over workshops one in Birmingham, AL with Marie Prater and the other in Toronto with Stevie Vallance!  This is definitely the training I need and can use!

Personnel Files

Here’s some background information we’ve scooped up on Theta’s Sergeant.  Check it out!